What we do in Globetek?

We conduct researches in different aspects of cancer biology touching almost all cancer types. We hold the largest number of cancer cell lines from commercial source and even those lines derived from cancer patients. Our work covers the determination of underlying causes of cancer at the molecular level in patients using DNA sequencing, different variants of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), FISH (fluorescent in situ hybridization), microarrays, recombinant DNA technology other molecular techniques.

With a global network, we have access to all types of technologies and clinical practices without any barriers! GlobeTek Pro as research facility and innovation center for molecular medicine since 1987 has already established linkages with different hospitals with cutting-edge technology.

With expertise in immunology, cellular therapy and with wide understanding of proteomic and genomic analyses, Globetek Pro is an experienced institution for autoimmune disorder diagnosis with application of stem cell therapy for treatment and regenerative support for patients suffering from this disorder.

With a complete and state-of-the art facilities and expertise in tissue and cell culture, our team can isolate and grow different types of stem cells and use them to differentiate into different cells of the body for regenerative medical purposes.

Example: Multiple Sclerosis

Enjoined in a team of scientists who have advanced degree in molecular biology and medicine, we conduct extensive mutational and chromosomal aberration analyses and apply recombinant DNA technology to address some complications with degenerative diseases. We hope that our research and expertise on stem cell therapy, cloning technology and antibody-targeted therapies will result to curative efforts against degenerative disorders.

Example: Autism, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy