CAR-T Cell Therapy for Cancer

CAR-T or chimeric antigen receptor T cells are engineered T cells equipped with recognition molecules to sense and target cancer cells.

Sometimes, our immune system can not fight cancer as they are seen as part of the body (as they are cell originated from the patient's body). CAR-T or chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy is an innovative treatment for cancer by engineering a type of immune cell, the T cells.

T cells are isolated from the blood and are engineered in the laboratory to express chimeric receptors not only to recognize cancer cells but to also enhance the anti-tumor activity of T cells, so called chimeric antigen receptor T cells. Once many copies of CAR-T cells are made in the lab, they are infused back to patient where they start attacking cancer cells.

Who can receive CAR-T Therapy?

Patients with hematologic or solid tumors can benefit from CAR-T therapy. Coupled with our molecular profiling and other genetic testing methods, patients can get customized CAR-T treatment targeting different cancer types. For safety issues, CAR-T is best for patients under 50 years of age because of possible side effects. Of course, at GlobeTek, we strive to conduct extensive research to overcome and minimize side effects.

What type of Cancer?

Hematologic CAR-Ts have been recently found effective in around 70% of entire patient population. However, effectivity in solid tumors remain elusive in a clinical trial setting. However, at GlobeTek, we strive to cross the barrier! With recent technologies, we are able to tailor-fit our CAR-T therapy for the specific profile of cancer patients. We combine genetic testing with molecular medicine to develop therapies that are never seen before.

Establishing CAR-T Therapy at GlobeTek:

1. Integrative multidisciplinary cooperation!- Physicians, scientists and other health providers work together.

2. Breaking technology barrier!- GlobeTek has international connections over the world with offices in Asia (Philippines), US (California) and Europe (Prague).

3. Cutting-edge facility and technology!- With extensive collection of cancer cell lines, comprehensive tools and equipments in molecular bilogy and diagnostics, access to laboratories in the field of research and medicine, GlobeTek is a premiere facility for CAR-T therapy.

4. Technology from bench to bedside!- With our trusted technology and expertise, we are partner with leading hospitals offering cellular therapeutics all over the world.