What is Molecular Profiling?

MP is a technique used to diagnose certain kind of disease such as cancer. It allows to answer three main questions: 1) Do I have the disease? 2) Will I likely to develop the disease? 3) Which treatment will I likely respond to?

MP is a very powerful tool to understand the genetic process underlying the development of certain disease. The advantage of molecular profiling is the ability to personalize the diagnosis to a certain disease while analyzing several numbers of contributing factors.

What we can profile?

The DNA holds the blueprint of life. Therefore, the gentic information of thepatient holds key to unlocking the pathological cause of disease. Understanding this molecular anomalies will lead to cure or treatment.

As a biological process, the DNA (which is the code) gives rise to an intermediate molecule known as RNA, which in turn is converted into protein. The protein performs all necessary physiology to maintain life on earth. Molecular profiling looks into every aspect of this process. MP allows scientists to conduct deep and extensive search into your genetics to decode and tailor fit best therapies available for patients.